Ray of Light

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I remember reading an article a very long time ago about drainers and radiators and that people are either one or the other. Some of your friends will always make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and then there are the drainers that you walk away from flat and exhausted.


Hannah is certainly always one of those beautiful humans who is loving, giving and you usually feel lifted up by. She is genuinely caring about people around her. You may call her a true light worker with so many extraordinary talents – one of it being supporting others on their own personal healing journey.

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As beautiful as within she is on the outside. Hannah is an ex-model, health and wellness educator with her own regular workshops as well as being a Reiki Healer. Go to https://therawmodel.com.au or @hannahubl and find out more about all the great stuff she does.


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Light & Shadow

I love black and white photographs it is almost like they make the time stand still and capture only the essence of something.

Here my beautiful friend Maryanne who is a soul seeker, light worker, artist, former dancer, yoga teacher, philosophy explorer and modern day poet. Head over to her blog https://organicallywealthy.wordpress.com/ or her instagram @organicallywealthy.


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